Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge (Magnetic / Hall Effect)

The Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge is an equipment to measure the thickness of Bottles made of Plastic / Glass / Aluminum or any non-ferrous substrate, without cutting.

Works on the Magnetic Hall Effect principle.

A quick, easy, reliable and non-destructive test method.

Suitable for :

  • HDPE Bottles
  • LDPE Bottles
  • PET Preforms and Bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • Aluminum Cans and Bottles
  • Lami & CoEx Tubes


Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge (Magnetic / Hall Effect)

Digital Model with NON-DESTRUCTIVE testing.
Great for a wide variety of HDPE / PVC / Glass / Aluminum bottles
No Need to adjust calibration for any material.
Measurement Principle : Hall Effect Sensor
Model MBT-300
Make : Canneed – HongKong.
            (with 1 micron / 0.001mm resolution)
Country of Origin :     HongKong (P.R.C.)
Measurement Range : 0.1 – 6.35 mm
Warranty :       Gauge :           12 Months.
Probe :            6 Months.
– MBT-300-M Mainframe
– MBT-T Standard probe
– MBT-H Probe Stand
– MBT-300-L Probe cable
– MBT-CAL Stainless steel and calibration assembly
(applicable for the sample thickness of 0-6.35mm)
– Software
– Operation manual
– Video Guide. (This special video guide is made by PackTest and hence is available only on purchase of this equipment through PackTest or PackTest Distributors)

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