Ply Bond Tester (ZDT Type)

This is an equipment to measure the internal fiber bond strength of Paper Board by measuring the force required to separate the layers / plies.

A high Ply Bond value indicates a well-compacted, strong board which will make high quality Paper Cores and Corrugated Cartons.

Suitable for : Paper Boards.

Confirms to : TAPPI T-541

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Ply Bond Tester    (ZDT Type)    Model # PBT-100S
(Also known as ZDT Tester or Z-Direction Tensile).
Single Column Design
Compact Model
Measures force required to de-laminate the plies.
Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readibility.
Suitable to test the Internal Bond Strength of Paper / Board as per TAPPI 541
This machine gives results in KN/M2 or kPa or psi and NOT in Joules (J/M2)
Capacity : 100 Kgf / 1000 N
Least Count : 10 gf / 0.01 Kgf / 0.1 N
With Peak hold facility.
Without Deflection / Elongation Measurement
Preset Automatic Ply Bond Test Cycle.
Choice of Measurement units : Kg / Lbs / N / KN     (Usersettable from Menu)
Auto-Calibration facility at 10 Kg
(Dead Weights of 5 Kg x 2 nos, for calibration to be supplied by the buyer)
Test Speed : Auto-Reducing 50 →10→1 mm/min in Ply Bond Mode (Compression Stroke)
66 mm/min in Ply Bond Model (Tension Stroke)
12.5 ± 0.25 mm/min in Ring Crush Test Mode (Compression Mode)
100 ± 5 mm/min in Idle / Jog Speed.
With Stepper Motor & Drive for Precise Speed Control.

Travel length : >75 mm.
With Ball Screw Mechanism for high smoothness.

Optional Module :
Facility to perform RCT (Ring Crush Test for Paper)
Inclusive of Testing Adopter and Sample Cutting Template.
Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :
1. Power Supply : 230/110 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz.  (Fluctuation Free Power required)
2. 2 Cast Iron Weights of 5 Kg each.
These weights are required for calibration at the time of installation and then every 6-months for routine calibrations.
Note : Computerised Model (PBT-100S-DX) also available

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With Software, Without Software

RCT Fixture

With RCT Fixture, Without RCT Fixture

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