About us

PackTest Machines Inc (formerly known as Test Techno Consultants, incorporated in 1989), is a Leading manufacturer of Packaging Testing Equipment for the Food / Pharmaceutical / FMCG Packaging Industry.

We offer the world’s widest range of Packaging Testing Equipment such as Compression Testers, Tensile Testers, Torque Testers, Leakage Testers, Burst Testers and many other Material Testing Equipment for the Packaging Industry.

Our Packaging Testing Equipment form the lifeline of Quality Assurance / R&D / Packaging Development of almost all sectors of the industry involved in the manufacture and use of Packaging Materials.

Whatever the Application…

Whatever the Industry…

We have a Solution for your problems !!!

Why Packaging Testing ?

One of the primary purposes of a package is to ensure the safety of its contents during transportation and warehousing.

If a product gets damaged during this process, then the package has failed to accomplish a primary objective.

The customer will either return the product or be unlikely to purchase the product altogether.

Product rejections are always a concern for the company as it hits their operating margins.

If such failures happen repeatedly, the brand image takes a big hit, which sometimes is more precious than making profits.

Packages need to be tested very thoroughly whenever there is a new packaging design, a revision to a current design, or a change in the packaging material.

Testing a new packaging design before putting it up for full scale manufacturing can save a lot of time, money and heartburn.

Why buy from PackTest ?

We do not try and sell rockets, to a man who only needs a car.
While others try to SELL whatever they MAKE,
We try and MAKE whatever the customer NEEDS.

A product for every need.
We have the widest range of Products covering almost everything in Paper, Plastic, Packaging Material and Package Testing / Evaluation.

We offer you a one stop solution 99% of the times.

A product for every budget.
From the basic Digital Models, to the most sophisticated Computerized Models with Pharmaceutical Grade (CFR Compliant) Software, we have it all.

Give us your application, give us a budget, and we have a solution ready for you.

We know what we do, and we a share the knowledge.
Our strength lies in our Technical Know-how and Backup.
We have in-depth knowledge of the products that we manufacture and the applications they serve.

Testing Equipment = Machine

Testing Equipment + Knowledge Sharing + Support = Solution

At PackTest, we do not just supply Testing Equipment and teach you how to use them. We teach you how to understand and interpret the results and how to improve your quality.

At PackTest, our responsibility does not stop after we SELL the equipment.
It stops after you BENEFIT from it.

That’s why, at PackTest, we do not sell you Packaging Testing Equipment / Machines, we provide you Packaging Testing Solutions.

USP of PackTest