Crush Resistance Tester

Crush Resistance Tester is suitable for :

Ring Crush Test (RCT).
The load bearing capability of paper/paperboard.

Flat Crush Test (FCT),  
The horizontal load bearing capability of corrugated board.

Pin Adhesion Test (PAT).
The strength of the bond between the fluting and liner.

Edge Crush Test (ECT),  
The vertical load bearing capability of Corrugated Board.

High RCT + FCT + PAT = High ECT = High BCT

Confirms to :
TAPPI – T822 / T825 / T821 / T811
ISO 12192 / 3037 / 3035


Crush Resistance Tester for RCT / FCT / ECT and PAT Testing

Computerised Model.
Electro-Mechanical model.
Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readability.
Pacmachine 94’ Award winner.
Crush Resistance Tester is suitable for :

Ring Crush Test (RCT) Confirms to TAPPI – T-822
Flat Crush Test (FCT) Confirms to TAPPI – T-825
Edge Crush Test (ECT) Confirms to TAPPI – T-811
Pin Adhesion Test (PAT) Confirms to TAPPI – T-821


Test Speed : 12.5 ± 0.25 mm/min
Idle/Jog/Rev Speed : 100 ± 5 mm/min
With Stepper Motor & Drive for Precise Speed Control.
Platform Size : 150 x 150 mm
Travel length : > 75 mm.
With Ball Screw and Linear Guided Actuator Mechanism
·       high smoothness
·       low power needed
·       low noise
·       low friction
·       negligible wear-n-tear
·       negligible maintenance
·       great aesthetics.
Model # M100D-S-DX
Single Column Design
Capacity: 100 Kgf
Least Count / Resolution : 0.01 Kgf
With Auto-Calibration facility at 10 Kg.
Model # M200D-S-DX
Single Column Design
Capacity: 200 Kgf
Least Count / Resolution : 0.02 Kgf
With Auto-Calibration facility at 20 Kg.
Model # M500D-S-DX
Dual Column Design
Capacity: 500 Kgf
Least Count / Resolution : 0.05 Kgf
With Auto-Calibration facility at 50 Kg.
Optional accessories / modules for Crush Resistance Tester :
·       RCT Set Consists of RCT Fixture, 3 Support Discs, RCT Spacer and SS Template
·       ECT Set Consists of ECT Fixture, ECT Spacer and SS Templates
·       FCT Set Consists of FCT Fixture, FCT Spacer and SS Template
·       PAT Set Consists of special Pin Fixture for your specific Flute Type (sample required), PAT Spacer and SS Template
PAT fixture is customized for each flute dimension.
Multiple fixtures will be required for multiple flute types / sizes.
Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

    1. Power Supply : 230/110 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz.  (Fluctuation Free Power required)
    2. 10 Kg / 20 Kg / 50 Kg Cast Iron Weights (in any combination). These weights are required for calibration at the time of installation and then every 6-months for routine calibrations.
    3. Desktop PC or Laptop PC with following specs
    • Processor Type :         Intel Core I3 or better.
    • Memory :                     4 GB RAM or better
    • Space :                        50 GB free HDD space           (minimum)
    • Monitor :                      17” or Larger Color Monitor with FHD resolution or better
    • Operating System:      Windows 10 or higher (with latest updates & patches)
    • Supporting Software : Adobe Acrobat Reader (Latest Version).
    • Microsoft Dot Net Framework (Latest Version)
    • Printer :                       Laser or Inkjet Printer


Additional information


100 Kgf, 200 Kgf, 500 Kgf

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