BOPP Tape Shear Tester

This is an equipment to test the Static Shear or Shear Adhesion Test of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tapes.

Shear Strength is a measure of the ability of PSA tape to remain adhered under a constant load applied parallel to the surface of the tape and substrate.

BOPP Packing Tapes are used to close the flaps of Corrugated Cartons. The flaps have a tendency to spring back and open up. The tape tries to hold back the flaps in position. If the shear strength of the tape is poor, it will not be able to hold on to the flaps and the end result is open cartons.

High Shear Strength = Properly closed cartons.

Confirms to : PSTC 107 / ASTM D 3654



B.O.P.P Tape Shear Holding Power Tester.    
As per A.S.T.M.D – 3654 / PSTC 107
Digital model with LCD display and battery backup system.
With LCD Timers of Autonics (Korea) or equivalent make.
Pacmachine 92’ Award winner.

Models Available : 

  • Single (1) station model
  • Dual (2) station model
  • Triple (3) station model
  • Quad (4) station model
  • Penta (5) station model
  • Hexa (6) station model

With 1 SS Test Panel for each station

Special model available for testing on Float Glass (Please specify while ordering)

Accessories :

1. Sample Cutter – 1” Width (Included with every model)

Double Blade arrangement with Round Handle
(MOC – Handle = Aluminum, Blade Restraints = Mild Steel / Stainless Steel)

2. Pressure Roller – 4.5 lbs (Included with every model)

Rubber coated roller with Round Handle
(MOC – Handle = Mild Steel / Polymer, Roller = Mild Steel (Rubber Lined)

Extra SS Test Panels available.

Additional information

Model (number of Stations)

Single (1) station, Dual (2) station, Triple (3) station, Quad (4) station, Penta (5) station, Hexa (6) station

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