Tensile Strength Tester + COF Tester

Tensile Strength Tester + COF Tester is an equipment which can perform :

  • Tensile Strength / Breaking Load Test
  • Elongation Test
  • Laminate Peel Test
  • Seal Strength Test
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) Test

Confirms to : ASTM D882 / ASTM F904 / ASTM F88 / ASTM D1894 / TAPPI T549


Tensile Strength Tester + COF Tester
( Coefficient of Friction / Static COF Test / Kinetic COF Test / Bond Strength / Seal Strength / Tensile Strength / Peel Strength )

(Horizontal Tensile Tester with Stepper Motor Drive)
Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readability.
Fully Automatic Computerised Model (with Windows 10 based PC software).
Full Controls via computer.
Test Report Printing Facility (with Load vs Extension Graph)
( Includes Software and Linking Hardware. PC & Printer to be provided by you. )

Suitable for (Fixtures Included):

  • Interlaminate Bond Strength Test (T Peel Test).
  • Seal Strength Test.
  • Tensile Strength Test.
  • Elongation at break.
  • Coefficient of Static Friction ( Static COF ).
  • Coefficient of Kinetic Friction ( Kinetic COF ).

COF Tester Model Options : 

Model HT-10-DX
Capacity 10 Kgf
20 Lbf
100 N
Resolution 0.001 Kgf
0.002 Lbf
0.01 N
COF Test Resolution 0.005 cof
Accuracy 0.2% of Capacity

Choice of Measurement units : Kgf / gf / Lbf / N                  (User settable from Menu)
Auto-Calibration facility at 3 Kg
(Dead Weights for calibration will be supplied with the machine)

Travel length :          >200 mm

With Ball Screw and Slide Mechanism for extra high smoothness.
With DC Stepper Motor Drive System
With Digital Step based Extension Measurement
Variable Travel speed: 10-500 mm/min (± 5 mm/min)


  • COF Test ( Coefficient of Friction ) Measurement Module

With Special Sledge to perform the following :

    • Coefficient of Static Friction
    • Coefficient of Kinetic Friction / Dynamic Friction

Suitable to test COF of Paper, Paper Board, Plastic Films, Laminates, etc.
Confirming to TAPPI – T 549 / ASTM D1894 specifications.
COF Resolution : 0.005 cof.      
Includes : Mirror Finish Test Panel (for Film vs Metal Testing)

Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

  • Power Supply : 230/110 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz.             (Fluctuation Free Power required)
  • Desktop PC or Laptop PC

Processor Type :   Intel Core I3 or better.   (Preferably Core I5 or Higher)
Memory :              4 GB RAM or better
Space :                  50 GB free HDD space (minimum)
Monitor :               17” or Larger Color Monitor with FHD Resolution
Operating System: Windows 10 or higher (with latest updates & patches)
Supporting Software :       Adobe Acrobat Reader (Latest Version).
Microsoft Dot Net Framework (Latest Version)
Printer :                 Laser or Inkjet Printer.

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

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