Tensile Strength + COF Tester

This is an equipment which can perform :

  • Tensile Strength / Breaking Load Test
  • Elongation Test
  • Laminate Peel Test
  • Seal Strength Test
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) Test

Confirms to : ASTM D882 / ASTM F904 / ASTM F88 / ASTM D1894 / TAPPI T549


Tensile Strength Tester       (with COF Testing) 
(Horizontal Tensile Tester with Stepper Motor Drive)
Fully Automatic Computerised Model (with Windows 7 based PC software).
Full Controls via computer.
Test Report Printing Facility (with Load vs Extension Graph)
( Includes Software and Linking Hardware. PC & Printer to be provided by you. )

Suitable for (Fixtures Included):

  • Interlaminate Bond Strength Test (T Peel Test).
  • Seal Strength Test.
  • Tensile Strength Test.
  • Elongation at break.
  • Coefficient of Static Friction.
  • Coefficient of Kinetic Friction.

Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readability.

Model Options : 

Model HT-10-DX
Capacity 10 Kgf
20 Lbf
100 N
Normal Range 10-90% of Capacity
Max Range 5-100% of Capacity
Resolution 0.001 Kgf
0.002 Lbf
0.01 N
COF Resolution 0.005 cof
Accuracy 0.2% of Capacity

Choice of Measurement units : Kgf / gf / Lbf / N                  (User settable from Menu)
Auto-Calibration facility at 3 Kg
(Dead Weights for calibration will be supplied with the machine)

Travel length :          >200 mm

With Imported Ball Screw and Slide Mechanism for extra high smoothness.
With DC Stepper Motor Drive System
With Digital Step based Extension Measurement
Variable Travel speed: 10-500 mm/min (± 5 mm/min)


  • COF (Coefficient of Friction) Measurement Module

With Special Sledge to perform the following :

    • Coefficient of Static Friction
    • Coefficient of Kinetic (Dynamic) Friction

Suitable to test COF of Paper, Paper Board, Plastic Films, Laminates, etc.
Confirming to TAPPI – T 549 / ASTM D – 1894 specifications.
COF Resolution : 0.005 cof.      
Includes : Mirror Finish Test Panel (for Film vs Metal Testing)

Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

  • Power Supply : 230/110 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz.             (Fluctuation Free Power required)
  • Desktop PC or Laptop PC

Processor Type :   Intel Core I3 or better.   (Preferably Core I5 or Higher)
Memory :              4 GB RAM or better
Space :                  50 GB free HDD space (minimum)
Monitor :               17” or Larger Color Monitor with 1280 x 1024 resolution or better
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium or higher (with latest updates & patches)
Supporting Software :       Adobe Acrobat Reader (Latest Version).
Microsoft Dot Net Framework (Latest Version)
Printer :                 Laser or Inkjet Printer.

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

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