Scuff Tester ( Rotary Rub Tester )

Scuff Tester (also known as the PATRA / PIRA Rub Tester), is an equipment to test printed substrates such as paper boards for resistance to scuffing / rubbing / smudging when 2 circular samples are rubbed against each other in a rotary motion, under a defined pressure, at a defined speed for a defined number of rubs.

High Rub Resistance = Good Quality Print

Suitable for : Printed Duplex Boards or any thick material in sheet form.

Confirms to : British Standards  BS-3110

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Scuff Tester / Rotary Rub Tester              VXC Series

The Scuff Tester or Rotary Rub Tester is intended to evaluate the quality of printing on paper or paper board.

To evaluate Abrasion Resistance or Colour Transfer from printed / coated surface due to rubbing or scuffing action experienced by printed material during production, handling, or transportation.

This equipment is meant for semi-rigid substrates like Paper Board / Duplex Board but can also be used for measurement of abrasion resistance of thicker Plastic Films / Laminates / Aluminum Foils.

Principle :

In this machine, 2 samples of the same substrate are rubbed against each other in the same plane, under a constant pressure of 2 – 4 p.s.i and at a fixed speed of 60 RPM.

Method of rubbing :         Rotary Rub (Circular Motion)

Confirms to :                       BS-3110 standards.

Design specifics :

  • Unique, Auto-Levelling Small Sample Holder offers highest degree of parallelism of disc samples.
  • Digital Display of Rub Counts and Speed.
  • Non – Contact Type Sensor for Rub Counter.
  • High-torque Step Synchronous motors.
  • Very Low Noise Level.
  • No Gearbox. Hence, No Maintenance.
  • Very Low power consumption (Less than 200w).
  • Compact but Sturdy Design.
  • User – Friendly Electronic Controls.
  • Programmable Setpoint with Auto-Stop on Test Completion.

Rubbing Weights :

Base Weight    :

  • 2856 grams.    Equivalent to 2 psi rubbing pressure.

Addon Weights :

  • 714 grams.      Equivalent to 0.5 psi rubbing pressure.
  • 1428 grams.    Equivalent to 1 psi rubbing pressure.
  • 1428 grams.    Equivalent to 1 psi rubbing pressure.

Scuff Tester Models Available :

VXC2 with 2 psi rubbing pressure (fixed, base weight).

VXC4 with 2 to 4 psi rubbing pressure (fixed + addon weights)

Included with all models / SKUs :

  1. Large (Lower) Sample Marking Template (MOC : Stainless Steel)
  2. Small (Upper) Sample Marking Template (MOC : Stainless Steel)
  3. Glue Stick (Consumable)
  4. Scissor.

DQ/IQ/OQ Documentation are supplied with models specific to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Warranty :                  12 Months (Ex-Factory)

Utilities Required :

  1. Power Supply (Current : Max 5 Amps) : 230 Volts A.C., 50 Hz. Clean power. Not available in 110 V AC supply.


Download Scuff Tester Datasheet

Video of Scuff Tester

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FMCG / Food / Beverage (Non-Pharma), Pharmaceutical




2 psi rubbing pressure (fixed), 2 – 4 psi rubbing pressure

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