Tube Burst Tester / Tube Leak Tester

A Tabletop Equipment used to test Lami / Co-Ex tubes for Leakage and Burst Pressure.

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Tube Burst Tester / Tube Leak Tester
Pneumatic Model.
Suitable to check

  • Internal Pressure Resistance of Sealed Lami-Tubes.
  • Leakages in a Sealed Lami-Tube (using optional fixtures / test stand)

Method of Operation :

  • Burst Test : Internal Pressure is increased till failure of seal / laminate.
  • Leak Test : Tube is pressurized at low pressure and held in water.

With 5 screw-on cap test adopters (free of cost) as per your tube / cap samples.

Model Options :       
            Model # P10D            (Standard Model)
            Model # P10DA         (New and Improved Model)
P10DA has an Automatic Pressure Regulator for very precise pressure control.

Manual Start – Automatic Stop function at sample failure.
With Digital pressure sensor and Digital Indicator (Microprocessor Based)
With embedded Push Button controls on indicator panel.
With Dual Line, Backlit, Large LCD display for comfortable viewing.
With Peak Hold facility
With Multiple Measuring Units : Kg/cm2, p.s.i., etc   (User Settable, Menu System)
Range : 0 – 6 Kg/cm2
Least Count : 0.01 Kg/cm2
With Optional, Mechanical Clamp to seal the open end of empty tubes.

Optional :

  • Test Stand for Screw-On Caps    With Acrylic Shield

For Un-Assisted and Safer testing of tubes.
Tube samples (5 of each type) have to be sent to us for preparation of Cap Adapters.
Extra/Spare Adopter for Screw-On Caps are available.

  • Test Stand for Flip-Top Caps    Without Acrylic Shield

For Un-Assisted testing of tubes.

  • Test Stand for Flip-Top Caps    With Acrylic Shield

For Un-Assisted and Safer testing of tubes.

  • Mechanical Clamp

Required for testing of Open Tubes.
Not required if you are testing after sealing the open side.

Calibration Device :

  • 4-20 mA MACS Calibrator             Included with every machine.

Mili-Ampere Calibration Source / Current Loop Calibrator
For use with the above machine.

Utilities Required :

  1. Compressed Air @ 6 Kg/cm2 from your source.
  2. Power : 230/110 Volts A.C., 50/60 Hz. Clean power.

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

Additional information


P10D (Standard Model), P10DA (with Auto Pressure Regulator)

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