Vibration Tester

Vibration Tester is an equipment to evaluate a packaged product for transport worthiness.

A real world journey of thousands of Kms can be completed in a matter of a few hours, within the comforts of your laboratory.

The product can then be removed and evaluated for damages such as breakages / leakages / etc.

Confirms to : ASTM D 999

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Vibration Tester

Vertical Bump Test as per ASTM D999
Model 505-V4            (50 Kg – 5hz Max – Pure Vertical Linear Motion)
(Speed control with Variable Frequency Drive)  

Load Capacity 50 Kgs ( 5 – 50 Kg loading )
Standard Platform Size 600 x 600 mm
Table Top Throw 25 mm
Step-Less Frequency Variation 1 – 5 Hz with VFD Drive
Step-Less Speed Variation 60 – 300 RPM with VFD Drive
Motor 2 H.P. 1 Ph  230 V.AC 50hz (VFD Compatible)
Standard Platform Top Mild Steel Base with Stainless Steel Cover Plate
Box Retainer System 6-8” height Adjustable Sliding Supports


  • Digital Jerk Counter
  • Digital Timer with facility for Auto Stop after preset time
  • RPM Indicator
  • Push Buttons –EMERGENCY OFF.
  • 2 Pole MCB for Short Circuit Protection and also to work as Mains Switch.

Optional accessory for Vibration Tester:

– Safety Module (Cordon Post Set)
Set of 4 retractable belt posts that help you cordon off the test area and prevent accidents.

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

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