Drop Tester (Medium Packages)

Drop Tester is an equipment to drop packages from different heights and orientations, to evaluate them for transport worthiness and resistance to mis-handling during various stages of transportation and warehousing.

Can be used to test Bottles / Jars / Pouches / Corrugated Cartons, etc.

Confirms to : TAPPI T802 / ASTM D 5276

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Drop Tester

Bottom Flap Opening Type. (2 flaps at bottom will open / swing down to release sample)
Manual height adjustment and locking.
For light packages up to 25 kg. (Which can be lifted manually and kept on the cradle)
Drop Height (Cradle Height):             0.7 – 1.7 mtr (Adjustable)
Regular Cradle Platform Size :           600 x 600 mm
Max. Package Size :                           550 x 550 x 400 mm
Other sizes also available.
(Indicate max. size of carton / package while ordering)

Models of Drop Tester:
– Standard Model with Manually operated release lever.
– Delux Model with Pneumatically operated release lever. (Compressed air @ 5-6 kg/cm2 from your source)

Optional :
– Edge Drop Attachment          
– Safety Module (Cordon Post Set) : Set of 4 retractable belt posts that help you cordon off the test area and prevent accidents.

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

Additional information


Standard (Manual Release Lever), Delux (Pneumatic Release Mechanism)

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