Headspace Oxygen Analyser

Headspace Oxygen Analyser / Headspace Oxygen Analyzer is used to measure the residual O2 concentration in Nitrogen Flushed (MAP) packages ( typically Snack Food Packages ).

Eg. Snacks, Nuts, etc

A septum seal sticker is applied to the package (pouch / blister / tetra-pack / bottle, etc and a needle in pushed through it. The gas inside is allowed to come out through the needle and is analysed by an Oxygen sensor.

The instrument shows the O2% directly.

Ambient air has 20.9% oxygen. MAP targets to flush out this air and bring down the O2 level to under 1.5%. Presence of O2 in excess of 2% can have a degrading effect in product stability and shelf life.

High O2% exposure to high fat / oils foods causes rancidity and reduces shelf life.

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Headspace Oxygen Analyser / Headspace Oxygen Analyzer ( for Snack Food Packages with MAP/CAP )

Suitable to measure O2 concentration (residual) in Nitrogen Flushed (MAP) packages.
MAP/CAP (modified and controlled atmosphere packaging) techniques are being used increasingly to extend the shelf life of perishable foods, and the Headspace Analyser is ideal for monitoring gas concentrations to help maintain quality control.
It can be used in all MAP/CAP retail-ready and bulk packaging applications.

TO BE USED IN DRY FOODS ONLY.       Minimum gas in pouch should be > 50 ml

Model Available :

Model : HA-One+     (Made in USA / Partly Assembled in India)

With User-Replaceable O2 Sensor

Sensor Life :   Usually 2-3 years in standard operating conditions.

Battery :          Regular AA Cells.

(HA-One+ Parts are Made in USA and Assembled in India)

Headpace Oxygen Analyser is supplied with :

  • Syringe Needles (18 Gauge) 5 nos
  • Syringe Filter (< 0.5 µm) 5 nos
  • Sealing Septum (Square/Round) 200 nos (good for 200 tests)

Extra Syringe Needles and Filters available in various pack sizes.

IQOQ Documentation is NOT AVAILABLE

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HA-One, HA-One+ (with replaceable sensor)

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