GSM Cutter (Round)

GSM Round Cutter / Round Cutter for GSM 
Test Area = 100cm2 (equivalent to a 10×10 cm square template)
Cutting accuracy : +/- 1%
Operation : Place on sample and rotate the knob ½ turn. You will get clean cut sample.

Includes 2 Foam Pads (1+1 free).

NABL Traceably COA / Test Certificate, Included.

Extra / Consumables
– Foam Pads available individually or in set of 5 pcs
– Blades (Set of 4 pcs)


GSM Round Cutter / GSM Cutter

A GSM (Grams per Square Meter) round cutter is a tool used in the paper industry to measure the grammage of paper / paperboard sample. It is a simple device that consists of a circular blade or cutter with a specified cutting area (commonly 100 cm²) and a handle. The GSM round cutter is used to cut a precise and standardized circular sample from a larger piece of paper / paperboard.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Place the sample you want to measure on a the provided foam pad.
  2. Position the GSM round cutter on the paper sample.
  3. Apply downward pressure on the cutter, rotating it to cut a circular sample of 100 square centimeters (100 cm2).
  4. Remove the circular paper sample.
  5. Weigh the cut sample on a precision scale.
  6. Calculate the GSM by multiplying the weight of the sample by 100.

The GSM cutter is a crucial tool for paper quality control and testing, as it allows manufacturers, designers, and paper experts to determine the basis weight of paper / paperboards accurately. This information is essential for ensuring the consistency and quality of paper / paperboard used in various applications.

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