Push Pull Tester (Economy)

This equipment is used to measure the force required by a 21-gauge hypodermic needle to penetrate the rubber stoppers on glass vials.

Confirm to : USP 381



PushPull Tester / Penetrability Tester
Economy Digital Series
Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readability.
With Peak hold facility.
Manual Hand-Wheel operation.
Slightly Dependent on operator skill.

Model: PT5DL               Capacity:         5 Kg with least count of 1 gm.
Model: PT10DL             Capacity:         10 Kg with least count of 10 gm.

Fixtures / Attachments :


Calibration Hook :                                          Included
Calibration Weight :                                       Bullion weights to be supplied by you

Penetrability Test

Needle Holder :                                          Included
Vial Positioning :                                        Manual

Consumables :

Supplied with starter pack of 100 nos of 21 gauge needle.

Extra needles (in multiple of 100 nos) can be purchased from us or from any surgical/medical/hospital goods supplier.

IQOQ Documentation Set available Pharmaceutical companies

Additional information


5 Kgf (50 N), 10 Kgf (100 N)

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