Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester

The Coefficient of Friction Tester or COF Tester can perform Static Friction and Kinetic Friction test of substrates such as Paper / Plastic Films / Laminates, etc.

When paper / plastic films run on production lines, they come in contact with various parts like Metal Rollers, Hoppers, Chutes, Conveyors, etc. And every time there is a contact, there is also friction. Friction is required. It is a good thing when at an optimum value.

Too Low or Too High friction is bad for production, as it can lead to undesirable results such as Slip / Stretch / Scuffing / Breakage / Mis-Registration / Jamming, etc

Confirms to : TAPPI  T549 / ASTM D–1894

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Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester               M Series

(Static + Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Tester for Paper or Plastic Films)

Technical Specifications :

  • Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display
  • With Embedded Push Button Control on Digital Indicator / Controller.
  • Ball-Screw driven actuator for smooth and maintenance-free operation.
  • Hybrid Stepper Motor with Drive for precise speed control and Vibration / Noise Free operation.
  • Automatic Calculation of Static & Dynamic COF. No Calculation Required.
  • Optional Software to capture test data on to the PC directly through the software and generate PDF test & calibration reports.
  • Inter-Changeable Testing Fixtures.
  • Peak hold facility for maximum load and deflection
  • Auto-Calibration facility for user-friendly calibration.
  • Suitable to test COF of Paper, Paper Board, Plastic Films, Laminates, etc.
    • Paper / Film vs Paper / Film
    • Paper / Film vs Metal

Confirming to TAPPI T549 / ASTM D1894 specifications.

See our videos on YouTube:

Film vs Film :     

Film vs Metal :  

Included with all models / SKUs :

  • Basic Machine with 200gm Sled.
  • SS Templates to cut Sled and Base samples.
  • SS Test Panel (ASTM) for Paper / Film to Metal Testing.

DQ/IQ/OQ Documentation are supplied with certain models.

RS-232 Data Cable with USB-Serial Convertor are supplied with models / SKUs with software.

Software Options for Coefficient of Friction Tester :    

  • No Software
  • Regular Software (Not 21-CFR-11 Compliant)
  • 21-CFR-11 Compliant Software (Vantage).

For more information on the software click here.

Utilities Required for COF Tester :

  1. Power Supply (Current : Max 5 Amps) :
    1. For India (Domestic Model) : 230 Volts A.C., 50 Hz. Clean power.
    2. For Outside India (Export Model) : As per your country’s power rating.
  1. Desktop / Laptop PC (Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, Win10 OS, 1600x900p Monitor) or higher.

Warranty :                  12 Months (Ex-Factory)

Loadcell / Capacity Options :

Loadcell Unit 1 5 10
Load Capacity : Kgf








COF Working Range : cof > 0.0250 > 0.1250 > 0.250
COF Least Count : cof 0.0005 0.0025 0.005
COF Accuracy :

0.2% of Load Capacity

cof 0.01 0.05 0.10

Download Coefficient of Friction / COF Tester Datasheet

Video of Coefficient of Friction / COF Tester (Film to Film)

Video of Coefficient of Friction / COF Tester (Film to Metal)

Additional information


India, Outside India


FMCG / Food / Beverage (Non-Pharma), Pharmaceutical

Loadcell Capacity

1 Kgf, 5 Kgf, 10 Kgf


No Software, Regular Software (Not 21-CFR-11 Compliant), 21-CFR-11 Compliant Software

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