Vacuum Leakage Tester


The Vacuum Leakage Tester is used to check a non-porous, closed packages for leakage / pinholes / tunnel defects.

– Solid Filled / Air Filled packages are tested while submerged in water.
– Liquid Product Filled packages are tested in dry condition (without water).

Package integrity is often an important characteristic of package performance.
Breaches of package integrity may permit substances to enter or contents to escape packages.

The Vacuum method of leakage testing is not entirely suitable for packages with very low headspace Volumes or for products with high viscosity.

Confirms to : ASTM D4991 / D3078

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The Vacuum Leakage Tester is available in Compressed Air Operated (DLX) and Vacuum Pump Operated (VDX) Models.

See model Tabs on right side for more details.

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DLX (uses Compressed Air), VDX (Inbuilt Vacuum Pump)


With PC Software, Without Software

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