Pinhole Tester (for Aluminum Foil)

Pinhole Tester for Aluminum Foil (also known as the Light Box), is an equipment which can help detect pin holes in aluminum foils used in pharmaceutical packaging.

Pinholes are micro leaks in the foil surface which can reduce the shelf life or stability of the product they are used to protect.

This equipment can be used only on opaque materials.

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Pinhole Tester ( for Aluminum Foil )

Also Known As : Light Box / Light Table
Table Top Design.

Special Features of Pinhole Tester :
– Glass top over a high intensity diffused light source (LED)
– Blackout Hood to prevent room light from falling on the Test Sample’s top surface.
– Digital Counter (Manually operated)
– Power : 230 Volts AC.

Elite Model :            (Regular Size)     Model EXR 
– With Blackout Hood to prevent room ambient light to fall on the Foil Surface. (So you can test even with the room lights ON)
– Illuminated area : 10 x 10 Inches
– with integrated, Digital Event Counter and manual Count switch.
– with LCD Display
– with an inbuilt battery. (The expected life span of the battery is almost 5 years.)
– With extra high intensity, high diffusion LED light source under the glass.
– With ON/OFF switch.

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

Procedure of operation of Pinhole Tester :

    • Flip open the blackout hood.
    • Place the opaque film / aluminum foil on the glass top.
    • Flip down the hinged hood.
    • Press the RESET switch for the Digital Event Counter.
    • Switch on the Power button. The Hi-Intensity light inside the chamber will glow.
    • Count the number of visible pinholes (You will see light coming out of the pinholes)
    • For every pinhole, press the COUNT button once. This will increase the counts on the Digital Counter.
    • Circle the pinholes if further analysis is required.
    • Slide the film again and repeat the pinhole counting for length equivalent to 1 square meter or 1550 square inch. E.g. if the foil width is 6 inches, the length of testing should be 258.34 inches. If the foil width is 8 inches, the length should be 193.75.
    • You can also test up to you own desired length / area format.
    • Report as No. of Pin Holes per Square Meter area. Some people also report the Pin Holes as Numbers per Meter running length.


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