Drop Tester (Small Packages)

This is an equipment to drop packages from different heights and orientations, to evaluate them for transport worthiness and resistance to mis-handling during various stages of transportation and warehousing.

Can be used to test Bottles / Jars / Pouches / Corrugated Cartons, etc.

Confirms to : TAPPI T802 / ASTM D 5276

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Small Package Drop Tester / Bottle Drop Tester
Standard Model
Bottom Flap Opening Type. (2 flaps at bottom will open / swing down to release sample)
Manual height adjustment and locking.
Manually operated release lever.
For small packages up to 5 kg.
With Replaceable Wedges to hold bottles @ 15-20° angle and jars @ 45° angle
Drop Height (Cradle Height):            0.7 – 1.5 mtr (Adjustable)
Regular Cradle Platform Size :           200 x 200 mm

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

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