Pouch Burst Tester

This equipment is used to test the maximum internal pressure a pouch can withstand without the seals or the body rupturing.

This test can be considered as a full seal integrity / seal strength test of a formed pouch.

The weakest portion of the pouch can be quickly and easily detected. And you can differentiate between a Weak Seal pouch and a Weak Laminate pouch.

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Pouch Burst Tester.            P415DSeries
Also known as “Balloon Burst Test” or “Inflation Burst Test”
Digital Model
Suitable to check the seal strength of 4 Side Sealed / formed pouches.
Can also be used to test sealed Blister Packs / Cups / Trays
Principle : Internal pressurization till burst

Confirms to :

  • ASTM F 1140 (Method A & B1 but not B2)
  • ASTM F 2095 (Method A & B)
  • ASTM F 2054

With special puncture-probe that injects air inside the pouch from the front face and simultaneously senses the internal pressure buildup.
With Microprocessor based Digital Pressure Monitor
With double line, backlit LCD display for stress-free viewing.

Max Capacity :                        5 Kg/cm2        or         70 psi
Least Count (Resolution) :      0.01 Kg/cm2   or         0.1 psi

Model Options :
Model # P415D

  • With Manual Pressure / Flow Setting for a type of pouch.
  • (Setting needs to be repeated if the pouch size changes)


Model # P415DA 

  • With Automatic Pressure / Flow Setting for ANY type of pouch.
  • With Electronically Controlled Automatic Pressure Regulator
  • Gives very precise and gradual pressure rise inside the pouch.
  • With constant feedback loop for precision.

Attachments / Probes / Modules : (Add one or more of below)

Needle Probe (NP) 
With 16 Gauge Needles :                                           10 Nos.
With 1” Square EPDM Septum Stickers :                  100 Nos. (for 100 tests)

Extra Spares / consumables for Needle Probe :                       

16 Gauge Needle
Quantity 10 nos 20 nos 50 nos 100 nos
1” Square EPDM Septum Stickers
Quantity 100 nos 200 nos 500 nos 1000 nos

Blister Pack Test Fixture

Suitable for Burst Test on Blister Packs

For Small Blister (<4 inch wide)

For Large Blister (4-12 inch wide)

Restraining Plate Fixture

Suitable for Burst Test on Pouches

Restraining Plates and Probe :


Suitable for pouches upto
RP0810 8×10 inches
RP1012 10×12 inches
RP1218 12×18 inches
RP2024 20×24 inches

Basic unit also includes the following :

  • 4-20 mA MACS Calibrator         Included

Milli-Ampere Calibration Source / Current Loop Calibrator

For use with the above machine.

  • Air Filter + Pressure Regulator Included in price

For use with the above machine.

Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

  • Power Supply : 230/110 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz. (Fluctuation Free Power required)
  • Compressed Air supply at 5 – 6 kg/cm2 (Rust, Dirt and Moisture Free Supply)

IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

Additional information


P415D (Standard), P415DA (with Automatic Pressure Regulator)

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