Universal Ampoule Holder

Universal Ampoule Holder is a simple accessory to be used with the Ampoule Break Force Tester.

It comes in 2 sizes and is manufactured as per the test requirements of ISO 9187.

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Introducing the Universal Ampoule Holder

Are you tired of struggling to hold ampoules securely while performing break force tests? Look no further than our Universal Ampoule Holder. Designed specifically to be used with the Ampoule Break Force Tester, this innovative accessory will revolutionize your testing process.

Secure and Versatile

Our Ampoule Holder is expertly crafted to securely hold ampoules of various sizes and shapes. Whether you are working with standard ampoules or specialized ones, our holder will accommodate them all.

Ease of Use

Using the Universal Holder is incredibly simple. Just adjust the height of the holder on the left side, and place the ampoule in the holder. The holder’s ergonomic design allows for easy handling and manipulation, making your testing process more efficient and hassle-free.

Additionally, the Universal Holder is made specifically for the Ampoule Break Force Tester, ensuring seamless compatibility. Together, they form a powerful combination that will enhance the accuracy and reliability of your break force tests.

Invest in the Universal Ampoule Holder today and experience the difference it can make in your testing process. Say goodbye to the frustration of holding ampoules manually and improve the efficiency of your break force testing.

Additional information

Ampoule Size

1 – 5 ml, > 10 ml

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