Pouch Press Tester

Pouch Press Tester or Static Load Tester is an equipment suitable to evaluate the overall seal integrity of “liquid” or “paste” filled pouches when subjected to external compressive force.

This test is NOT suitable for solid / chunky / powder filled pouches.

The pouch is pressed between 2 platens upto a preset pressure / force and time, then released.

Confirms to Canadian Food Inspection Agency Test Methods.  (See section 4.1.2 Static Load Burst Test)

This equipment can not perform Dynamic Load Test (measure the force at which the pouch will burst). If you need to perform both static and dynamic load tests, see Pouch Compression Tester


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Pouch Press Tester / Static Load Tester

Pouch Press Tester is suitable for Static Load Test on Liquid Filled pouches.

Test Type : Press till Load Setpoint. Hold till Time Setpoint.

In this method, the sample is compressed upto a preset Load. The applied force is held on the pouch for preset time. After the times elapses, the machine returns to the original position.

Technical Specifications :

Pouch Press Tester - Touchscreen Model Pouch Press Tester - Analog Model
Touchscreen Model

Automatic Operation

Analog (Economy) Model

Manual Operation

No Power Supply Required

Digital Model with Touchscreen Display (PLC). Analog Model with Dial Type Pressure Gauge.
Touch controls on PLC. Manual Up / Down Lever.
Set Load (machine calculates pressure). Set Pressure (calculate load manually).
Auto-adjust pressure. No Manual Control. Manual Pressure Setting via Pressure Regulator.
Safety Shield with Interlock. Safety Shield without Interlock.

Test Procedure

  1. Press Start to begin test.
  2. Upon reaching preset load / pressure,
  3. the timer starts automatically.
  4. Upon reaching preset hold time,
  5. machine reverses automatically.

Test Procedure

  • Push Lever down to start test.
  • Bring Lever to middle to hold test.
  • Start Timer (Stop Watch).
  • Pull Lever up to finish test and reverse.
Choice of Measurement units (Menu Selection)

Kgf / Lbf / N

Only ‘bar’ unit.

“Force” conversion, formula will be provided.

Stainless Steel Body Mild Steel Body with Paint

Safety Features of Touchscreen Model :

  • The front door will have a magnetic latch or microswitch.
  • Sample can be placed or removed by opening the front safety door.
  • If the door is not closed completely, the machine will NOT START.
  • If someone opens the door in the middle of the test sequence, the machine will stop and reverse automatically.

Included with all models / SKUs :

  • Safety Door with or without interlock
  • Air Filter + Pressure Regulator.

DQ/IQ/OQ Documentation are supplied with models specific for Pharmaceutical Companies. 

Warranty :                  12 Months (Ex-Factory)

Note : The Static Load Test is done as per test specifications detailed in point # 4.1.2 of Chapter 4 of the “Flexible Retort Pouch Defects – Identification & Classification” by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

As per Canadian Food Inspection agency, retort pouches should comply with the static load burst test. You will have to press the pouch with a force of 7.5 kg per 15mm of inner seal perimeter and hold this force for 15 seconds. If the pouch leaks or bursts or even if the seals show signs of stress during this period, the batch is considered failed.


Utilities Required for Touchscreen Model :

  1. Power Supply (Current : Max 5 Amps) :
    1. For India (Domestic Model) : 230 Volts A.C., 50 Hz. Clean power.
    2. For Outside India (Export Model) : As per your country’s power rating.
  2. Compressed Air @ 6 bar (87 psi)

Utilities Required for Analog Model :

  1. Compressed Air @ 6 bar (87 psi)

Capacity Options :

  500 1000
Capacity : 500 Kgf / 4900 N / 1100 Lbf 1000 Kgf / 9800 N / 2200 Lbf

Size Options :

Platform Size Pressing Platen Diameter Max Pouch Size (Diagonal Distance)
S – Small 200 mm (~ 8 inch) 200 mm (~ 8 inch)
M – Medium 300 mm (~ 12 inch) 300 mm (~ 12 inch)
L – Large 400 mm (~ 16 inch) 400 mm (~ 16 inch)

Download Pouch Press Tester Datasheet

Pouch Press Tester Data Sheet

Video of Pouch Press Tester

Additional information


India, Outside India


FMCG / Food / Beverage (Non-Pharma), Pharmaceutical


Analog (Economy Model), Touchscreen Digital


500 Kgf – 1100 Lbf – 4900 N, 1000 Kgf – 2200 Lbf – 9800 N

Platform Diameter

Small – 200mm, Medium – 300mm, Large – 400mm

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