Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Rolling Ball Tack Tester is used to measure the tackiness of adhesive coated substrates such as Tapes and Labels, using the rolling ball method.

Tackiness is the ability of an adhesive to adhere quickly to another surface.

Confirms to : PSTC 6 / ASTM D 3121

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Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Standard Model
Pacmachine  96’ Award winner.
With spirit level display.
With measuring scale and T-shaped device to measure run-off from touch-down.
With spring loaded release lever for effort-free ball release.
With catch-pit to catch run-away balls on very low tack surfaces. (So you won’t lose the balls)
With 3 adjustable legs under the body to ensure proper leveling.
With 5 Stainless Steel Balls in a small Plastic Box.
With 3 glass sample mounting plates.

Optional / Extra Accessories :
Extra/Spare Balls : Available in set of 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 pcs.
Extra/Spare Mounting Plates : Available in set of 5 / 10 pcs.

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